An Initiative to support Indian Rural Entrepreneurs & Farmers – yumisustain

An Initiative to support Indian Rural Entrepreneurs & Farmers

Yumi World

Yumi is conscious to work with craftpersons with tremendous hand skills who lack opportunities to access contemporary markets with their creations. Yumi recognizes the plethora of creative and cultural talent amongst the vulnerable artisans across rural India especially the women and older craftpersons. Young weavers of the communities are encoraged to adopt the art form as an initiative to support youth inclusion in villages. Yumi is committed to reviving the forgotten art forms through intense design and market led workshops. Yumi has introduced natural dyes, fibers like fine cotton, mul mul, khadi, linen, cotton silk besides a selection of organic fibers to the artisans for improved product development.

We have initiated design development amongst artisans in: Jammu, Kashmir, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Yumi is a fair commerce label, that is rooted to promote ethical artisanal and farm products.It is inspired from a Japanese word that means abundant beauty. Yumi seeks to represent, revive, and help sustain the highly skilled Indian artisans for their textile and craft through intense design and market-led interventions. Yumi has collaborated with farmers and village women entrepreneurs to create a selection of food and beauty products that are natural, pure and conscious .

Shilpa and Natasha have owned and led their restaurants in New Delhi,Goa and Mumbai in the past . They export apparel and home products through their Design company Earth Art. Natasha is the Vice President of the Kalamkari Centre Society, Jammu which was set up by her parents. The Kalamkari Centre Society is dedicated to women, children, and artisanal inclusion and benefit.

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